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The idea of MAGIEL go global

Our goal is to publish regular summaries from widely recognized international media as a newsletter. To get your own issue sign up using the form below.
You will receive the most interesting articles from a given period of time with links to the original publications along with the comments of MAGIEL’s journalists.

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The newlestter of MAGIEL go global covers wide range of topics - from politics and finance, through technology to culture. It includes five sections - World & Politics, Business & Economics, Science & Techonology, Culture & Entertainment, Sport. We strongly believe that each of you will find something interesting!

Bilingual system

The newsletter is available in English. The materials that we will provide will be preceded by a brief commentary or hashtags. We hope to reach a wide range of students - Polish as well as exchange students.


Magiel Go Global is a project conducted by members of the Independent Student's Monthly MAGIEL. Want to help? Contact us at magielgoglobal@magiel.waw.pl!


By reading our newsletter you will stay up to date with global information. We strongly believe, that it is going to be the perfect way to justify the procrastination while learning. Moreover you will get the big base of materials for presentations for your english course.

You can sign up for the English newsletter whenever it suits you.

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Independent Student’s Monthly MAGIEL has been created by a group of SGH (Warsaw School of Economics students with a journalistic flair in December 1995. It consists mainly of information about the ongoing College’s projects, current affairs concerning student organizations, or student scientific associations. Also comments on the latest political and economic events could not be omitted. What is more – over half of the magazine touches cultural topics such as: film, theater, or music,. Also opinions concerning student’s life in Warsaw are shared.
ISM MAGIEL’s print run counts 7,000 copies, 7 times per year. Since 2011 MAGIEL can be found on the Warsaw University campus.

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